JSNT Pathshala

JSNT Pathshala Teachers Assignment 2023-24
Pathshala calendar 2023-24.docx

JSNT Pathshala is conducted every Sunday from 10 AM-11 AM except during Summer break and Holidays.

Every 4th Sunday is a religious practice day, where instead of regular classes students attend rituals or sutra classes on rotation.

JSNT Pathshala follows JAINA curriculum and uses textbooks published by JAINA.

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Committee Lead: Ami Dalal|pathshalacoordinators@dfwjains.org 

Committee Co-coordinator: Shaily Jain

Admin Assistants: Ruturaaj Kaalamkar

Board Liaison:  Ami Dalal |ami.dalal@dfwjains.org 


For kids videos please visit http://kids.dfwjains.org