Office Administration

Committee Lead: Purveen Shah, Hiten Shah, Asutosh Modi

Board Liaison: Jatin Shah

Responsible for Manage Info Desk at the Varniji Bhavan during all weekly gathering

  • Bulletin Board
  • Member transaction (Reporting/Book keeping)
  • Lost & Found
  • Monthly flyer
  • Pathshala curriculum
  • Teaching volunteers
  • Presentations for major events
  • Community Service
  • Volunteering
  • Socials
  • Classes for young professionals and adults
  • Library maintenance and books issuing

Upcoming Projects:

  • Continue to provide relevant info on Bulletin Board
  • Provide weekly presence by working with Senior members, board members, Pathshala parents, etc.
  • Collect pledges from past events
  • Member transaction (Reporting/Book keeping)
  • Lost & Found
  • Getting teachers/students ready for new Pathshala year
  • 2 additional Pathshala classes
  • Presentation during Diwali & GBM