Kitchen & Cooking

Committee Lead: Chethana Raj Chamaraj

Board Liaison: Alok Bhaskar

Responsibilities include:

  • Kitchen appliances and supplies

  • Serving supplies

  • Cooking for:

    • Monthly general body meeting

    • Major events (Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan, Diwali, etc.)

    • Religious events such as Ayambil, Parna

  • Coordinate with other sects that use kitchen facility

  • Guidelines for use of kitchen appliances and supplies

Upcoming Projects:

  • Work with Facility team for Kitchen appliances upgrades

  • Continue to cook/serve during GBMs

  • Cooking/Serving during major events:

  • Sapna ceremony, Swami Vatsalya, Diwali

  • Coordinate Ayambil, Parna

  • Implement proper disposal of dishes, bowls, …

  • Implement reduction in food wastage

JSNT Members that helped us in Past

Asha Shah