JSNT ART & CRAFT Fair Spring 2019

Let’s put our creative hats on and come up with innovative ideas to represent Jain symbols.

The symbols could be Sathiya, Diya, Ahimsa, Aarti Thalis, wall hangings, Rangoli, canvas painting, poster boards or any other creative presentation.

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Activity Committee: activity@dfwjains.org

Committee: Hitesh Jain | jain.hits@gmail.com

Board Liaison: Dr. Ranjit Dhelaria | rdhelaria@gmail.com


    • After Pathshala snacks and cooking - Ketan Jain
    • Hindi/Gujarati Language Classes after Pathshala - Shaily Jain/Manita Jain
    • Story Telling for Kids below 5 Years - Nandan Mehta/Viral Shah
    • Picnic -Virendra Shah
    • International Student Support - Anshul Talati/Kinjal Sheth
    • Art & Craft Fair - Sweta Shah/Alpa Mehta

Upcoming Projects:

    • Continue weekly snacks for Pathshala students
    • Support Pathshala activities
    • Support YJA/YJP/University student activities
    • JSNT got Talent show and more…
    • Jain Swadhyay - TBD

JSNT Activity 2019