Election schedule:

This is to notify all members of the upcoming elections of the Directors to the Board of Jain Society of North Texas (JSNT). The JSNT Board of Directors formally invites nominations from the members interested in serving on the Board for the term from Jan 2024 to Dec 2025. 

The JSNT Board comprises of 15 Directors; 5 Directors from each of the below 3 sects/groups:

The Election Committee will oversee the elections and the Board has appointed the following members to the Election Committee:

Each nomination should be submitted on the nomination form, signed by the individual proposing and by the nominee, and emailed to election-office@dfwjains.org no later than Nov 6th, 2023. Members who chose not to opt to join any of the three sectarian groups can also send their nomination from any of the sectarian groups. The Election committee will coordinate with the corresponding sect to limit the number of nominations to five nominees.

Who can vote:

 Important policies:

Members should review the following policies before applying.