Jain Activities

Committee Lead: Shrenik Ramani , Bhaumik Kothari bhaumik@gmail.com

Board Liaison: Hitesh Jain, Deepa Nuna

Responsible for all Jain Activities:

  • After Pathshala snacks and cooking - Hitesh Jain, Bhaumik Kothari, Sapna Narendra, Ketan Jain

  • Hindi/Gujarati Language Classes after Pathshala - Amit Jain

  • Story Telling for Kids below 5 Years - Nandanbhai Mehta

  • Picnic - Virendra Shah

  • International Student Support - Arunbhai Shah, Jatin Shah

Upcoming Projects:

  • Continue weekly snacks for Pathshala students

  • Support Pathshala activities

  • Support University student activities

  • JSNT got Talent show and more…

  • Jain Swadhyay - TBD

History of JSNT Activity Team:

  • JSNT activity was started in 2011 by Jatin Shah with support of couple of volunteers Ajey Bavasi, Mahaveer Jain, Virendra Shah, Sapna Golechha original activity includes Picnic and Pathshala Food.

  • In Year 2013 other activity started like Hindi/Gujarati Class, Art and Craft Class & Shreyans Jain joined as Co-Chair of Pathshala Food.

  • In Year 2015 - 2017, Shreyans Jain started Leading Pathshala Food and added lot of food items & structured it along with other volunteers.