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Visiting Hours: Sunday, 10 am to 1 pm. Call Board of Directors members for visiting JSNT outside of visiting hours.


Jain Society of North Texas (JSNT) had a very humble beginning in 1983 with just 30 Jain families in the entire DFW area. From that day, we are a proud and strong community boasting more than 500 families. To ensure that JSNT keeps up with the pace of growth of our community, the JSNT Board of Directors passed the new membership policy in August 2019. The policy was presented during the General body meeting on 10/20/2019 and again during the Diwali celebrations on 11/03/2019.

The JSNT Board of Directors takes the opportunity to invite you to apply for JSNT membership. You can apply for one of the following membership categories:

Life member: One time membership dues - $501 for the roll out phase only. After the roll out phase that ends on Jan 1, 2020, the membership dues will increase to $1,001 and would be offered to members subject to a defined criteria.

Annual member: Annual membership dues - $151 and valid till Dec 31, 2020.

We encourage you to apply for JSNT membership though it is voluntary. All non-members still retain the right to send their kids to Pathshala, become volunteer as well as attend cultural events. Please read the JSNT Membership Policy and responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more details. For any other queries, please send an email to membership@dfwjains.org

The JSNT Board will review your application and notify you of the decision and payment options.

The JSNT Board encourages you to apply for JSNT membership during the roll out phase and become an active part of our community.

Membership due Pay Here

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General Meeting Sponsorship:

Sponsorship for General Meeting every month is available, Six sponsorships of $100 each offered per General Meeting lunch. You are welcome to take all sponsorships to sponsor entire general meeting lunch to celebrate anniversary, birthday or any other occasion or bhavna, please contact:

Nisha Shah at nish.ash.ish@gmail.com

Pathshala Lunch Sponsorship:

Sponsoring a Pathshala lunch would be an excellent opportunity to celebrate special events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries. Donation for lunch sponsorship is $401. Over 400 members attend JSNT every Sunday. Please email to activity@dfwjains.org for sponsorship information.


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