JSNT Pathshala Teachers Assignment 2022-23 - Formatted.pdf
Pathshala calendar 2022-23 Formatted.pdf

JSNT Pathshala is conducted every Sunday from 10 AM-11 AM except during Summer break and Holidays.

Every 4th Sunday is a religious practice day, where instead of regular classes students attend rituals or sutra classes on rotation.

JSNT Pathshala follows JAINA curriculum and uses textbooks published by JAINA.

You can register your kids (Ages 4-18) using JSNT Pathshala Registration link.

Important Links:

  1. JSNT Pathshala Curriculum (includes link for the textbooks)

  2. Google Meet & Google Classroom links and code

  1. JSNT Pathshala Project 2022 Jain Recipe Book

  2. JSNT Pathshala Project 2021 Jain Art Gallery

  1. JSNT Student Presentations

Committee Lead: Ami Dalal|pathshalacoordinators@dfwjains.org

Committee Co-coordinator: Shaily Jain

Admin Assistants: Ruturaaj Kaalamkar

Board Liaison: Ami Dalal |ami.dalal@dfwjains.org


For kids videos please visit http://kids.dfwjains.org