Shweta Daftary | Pathshala coordinator | | 972-897-8030

Pathshala class information

    • Pathshala Time: Every Sunday 10:00 AM CST except summer & holidays
    • Location: At JSNT Varniji Bhavan on first & second floor
    • Kids Age: 3-18 Years of Age
    • Fees: Free/complimentary
    • Text Book: Free, due to generosity of JSNT donors
    • Pathshala Parents’ Guidelines: Click here to read
    • Registration:Please click here to register your child/children for 2018-2019.

Classes are divided in groups ranging from

    • Group Pre-K to Group 6 which corresponds to the school grade that the child is currently in.
    • Intermediate Group corresponds to Grade 7 & 8
    • Advance Group corresponds to Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

JSNT Pathshala teaches Jaina curriculum from Jaina textbooks, various hands on arts & crafts projects, Jainism based games, skits & performances, and sutras.

Pathshala Reference Material


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Founder of JSNT Pathshala

Shri Jadavji & Kusum Kenia have give his 30+ years of service running JSNT Pathshala. Their commitment have made JSNT Pathshala very success story. They give 32 years of Service as Pathshala lead before retiring in 2017. Many many thanks to their great service.