Puja Bolis

Post date: Jul 19, 2010 3:07:38 AM

You are bidding for Pooja and/or Aarti for Parva 2011. Once you win bid, you will get Phone call or Email. You will see approved Bid is displayed on Right side, however Bid history is been also displayed at bottom of screen (for review only).

NOTE: Arti/Mangal Divo have 2 families per boli.

Fact About Arti and Mangal Divo: The practice of Aarti and Mangal Divo was started around 12th century AD(about 900 yrs ago) by inspiration of Aacharya Hemchandraji.Aacharyaji inspired the then king Kumarpal of Gujarat with his teaching of non-violence and explaining the true meaning of religion. King Kumarpal became a jain sharavak and said to have started the practice of Aarti & Mangal Divo and declared the state of gujarat as a non-violence state. Thus the mangal divo we are singing has the name of Raja Kumarpal in the song.

Schedule for Arti and Snatra Pooja with Approved Bidder Name

Bolis Pooja 2011

Bid Log (Yet to be Approved)

Bid for Pooja Arti 2011