Garland Center 2009




Jain Society of North Texas purchased a parcel of land measuring 5.662 acres or 246,628 square feet in Garland in 1998. The land has been proposed to be divided into three lots – 3.122 acres, 1.511 acres and 1.029 acres..

The Temple Committee commissioned an architect to design the Center on the 3.122 acres lot. In July 2009, the plans for a 12,371 square feet building were completed and construction bids were invited. The lowest quotation for the construction of the building and civil works was estimated at $2.1 million. Allowing for furniture, equipment, contingency and endowment fund, the total funding requirement was estimated at $2.6 million.

We have pledges of 1.6 million plus existing real-estate “538 Apollo Road, Richardson, Texas” value of 200 K. This made it apparent that the society needed additional 800 K funds.

Various options for raising additional funds were considered jointly by the Board, Fund Raising Committee and the Temple Committee. .

By late August 2009, it became clear that it would be difficult to raise additional $800K and, therefore, it was decided to get the bids by downsizing the facility plan, to the minimum requirement for our society needs of 8800 sq. ft. Quotations from five contractors to design and build the 8,800 square feet building and civil works were invited in September. The contractors were asked to provide the most economical construction technology – Pre-engineered metal framed building and downgrade specifications for finishes wherever possible.

We have received quotations from three contractors. Their prices vary from $1,472,395 to $2,238,727. The Temple Committee reviewed the proposals and reported to the Board that the lowest quotation of $1,472,395 was most responsive subject to some additions and modifications (such as upgrade flooring in some area, security system. furniture, equipment, inspection, performance bond, contingency, etc) . The revised total cost is estimated at $1.9 million plus endowment fund, resulting in a short fall of $450,000.