Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What amount has been spent behind the Garland Facility so far? How much of that can be recovered?

The amount spent behind the Garland facility so far is $76,683.60.  None of this amount can be recovered. But some of the reports can still be used.

What is the break-up of the revised construction cost (in terms of building structures) for the proposed Garland Facility?

West & Associates presented bid for $1,529395.00 (by adding Folding partition in Hall $30,000 + Ceramic Tile in Kitchen, Pantry, Restrooms, Shower & Hallways $7,000 + Ceramic waistcoat in Restrooms $4,000 ) On top of the above cost the following additional costs will occur:
Add 15% contingency for contingency and $40,000 for Performance Bond. That will add to total making
(The 8,800 square feet Garland facility is estimated to cost $1,900,000 which includes 15 percent contingency.  Why contingency? -  We have received a floor plan and brief specifications from the low bidder.  But based on our experience with the previous design effort which started with 7.700 square feet and increased to 12,300 square feet and finally reduced to 8,800 square feet, we will have some changes in the sizes of some rooms.  Also we will have to upgrade some specifications, e.g. the floor in the Hall has carpet.  The Hall will be used as a dining room also, and therefore it is highly desirable that we have tiles.  Specs of some more finishes such as laminated plastic counter tops should be upgraded.  Also we do not have full details of foundation.  The soils test show that there is black clay upto a depth of 15 feet in one corner and about 4 feet in other parts of the proposed building. )
The break up of sq. ft. is attached.  (We do not have break up cost)

WORSHIP HALL 48'x50' 2465


STAGE (24 INCH HIGH) 15' x 25to37 450

One Green Room 126

LIBRARY 15' x 15' 230

OFFICE 15' x 11' 170

  1. 15' x 15' 230
  2. 15' x 15' 230
  3. 15' x 15' 230
  4. 16' x 15' 250
  5. 16' x 15' 250

KITCHEN 14' x 23' (326 sq. ft)

PANTRY 8' x 16' (134 sq. ft)

TOILET no shower (50 sq. ft)

MEN'S RESTROOM (227 sq. ft)

WOMEN'S RESTROOM (216 sq. ft)

JANITOR ROOM (45 sq. ft)



ROOM TO STORE SHOES (162 sq. ft)

SHOWER                       (52 sq. ft)

STORAGE 1 (162 sq. ft)

STORAGE 2 (126 sq. ft)


ARCADE 71' x 8' (568 sq. ft)

TOTAL A/C AREA (8200 sq. ft)

TOTAL GROSS AREA (8765 sq. ft)

Why is there a difference in collection/pledge amount in the excel spreadsheet between two facilities?

The total pledged amount is $1.5 million. There is an additional $100,000 pledged amount, which we would be able to use if the amount is needed for the Garland Facility.   

What would happen to the existing JSNT temple?

No formal decision has been taken.

Is it possible to distribute activities between the existing Richardson temple, and proposed Garland temple; rather than migrating lock, stock and barrel to new facility (Garland or otherwise). How much would be the additional cost?

Nothing is impossible, but question came out was why?

Who is responsible for the cost/benefit analysis and negotiations for the BAPS deal?

Dilipbhai Shah, Prasanna Singhvi and Bhalbhai Daulat are responsible for negotiations.
Hasmukhbhai Mehta, Arunbhai Kamdar and Satishbhai Shah are responsible for technical matters

Five year cost of ownership, 10 year cost of ownership of the two facilities

The original number for maintenance of BAPS is $107,000 per year and $64,000 per year for New Facility.
However, numbers were reworked for BAPS as $65,000 per year perhaps $35,000 per year for New Facility (taken same percentage as BAPS)
Initial cost - Building $1,900,000 plus Consultant fees -$ 75,000 plus cost of land (135,000 square feet @ $1.50 per SF) - 205,000. 
Total Initial cost - $2,180,000
Assuming 3% annual interest -
Capital Value at the end of 5 years - 2,530,000
Capital Value at the end of 10 years - 2,930,000
Assuming Annual Maintenance Cost - $35,000
Cost at the end of five years - 186,000
Cost at the end of ten years - 401,000

Total cost at the end of five years - 2,716,000
Total Cost at the end of ten years - 3,331,000
Initial Cost 1.400,000 (including upgrading and repairs)
Cost at the end of five years - 1,624,000
Cost at the end of ten years - 1,882,000
Annual Maintenance Cost - $65,000
Cost at the five years - 345,000
Cost at the end of ten years - 745,000
Total Cost at the end of five years - 1,969,000
Total Cost at the end of ten years - 2,627,000

Land dimensions of the two places side by side listed. Options for selling portions of the unused land for fundraising OR using unused portions for expansion could also be listed here.

                                  GARLAND           BAPS
Total Land Area S.F.              246,628            104,000
Lot size for building             135,983            104,000
Lot 2 unused (sale)               65,821
Lot 3 unused (sale)               44,824
BAPS has a parking lot in the North East corner of Northhaven Road - Area 29,359 SF (included in above total) and a guest house with land area of approx. 10,000 SF (included in above total). 

Location/Neighborhood-Quality information listed side by side. Distance from current Jain temple listed next to it would also be helpful.

                                       GARLAND            BAPS
Distance from current Jain Temple -    3.8 miles           11 miles
It is not easy to define the quality of neighborhood as it is more subjective than objective.   We encourage our members to visit the site of all three facilities and make their own judgement.  Also crime reports for each area are available on several sites.  In most cases the reports contain petty crimes or break-in of vehicles. 
The 8 blocks surround the BAPS facility had 30 crime report in the month of September. Log on to
Garland city does not provide specific neighborhood reports. 

Any projections used for DFW Jain population over next 10 years would help as well.

We do not have census of DFW Jain population.  About 500 members have registered on the Yahoo site. 
During the last Diwali function (Oct. 2009) about 450 people came for lunch.  If we assume 4 percent growth per annum in attendance at our functions, we can expect about 550 people to attend our major functions at the end of five years and 660 people at the end of 10 years.  It should be noted that attendance at major functions depend upon where the function is held.  It has been noted that more people attend if the function is at a place where there is ample space for people to witness children's programs.
The following is a demographic breakdown of Jain families who have provided their addresses to us about four years ago.

Year facility built is hard to understand for BAPS facility. Regardless lets list YEAR built and YEAR facility possession available side by side for both options.

GARLAND - Construction can start in April 2010 and complete in December 2010. (If we have the necessary funds to start construction, by April)
BAPS - The Main Building was built in 1995.  The possession will be in June 2010
During this Diwali function, about 450 people came for lunch.  Assuming we have a modest growth of 4 percent per annum in attendance of our members at such fuctions, the total number of members who may attend our function would be 550 at the end of five years and 660 at the end of 10 years.  If we have the finances we should build the Hall Garland that can accommodate at least 600 people compared to the present designed capacity of 400 people (and not dining room).  To build a Hall that can accommodate 600 people, the additional space required in the Hall is about 1400 square feet plus additional space in rest rooms of about 100 square feet.  The cost of these additions would be about $170,000. Also parking space for nearly 50 more cars will be required and this will cost another $30,000. In addition, the Garland building will have only three useable classrooms until the new Derasars are built which may take five to ten years.  I understand our actual need is for 5 classrooms (BAPS has six classrooms).  If we were to build additional two classrooms, the cost would be at least another $55,000.  So the total additional cost without furniture and contingency adds up to $255,000.  If we add contingency of 15%, the total cost for the additions is estimated at $295,000.  In reality our current lot size does not have space to add parking for another 50 cars.    We cannot expand the Hall capacity any time in future because of the limited car parking space.   In comparison, the BAPS Hall can accommodate about 600 people without any additions and there is a separate hall which can be used as Dining Rroom.

Resolution about two years back called for the Jain Center facility of 7500 sf. Recent bids received were based on 8,800sf or more. What would be cost of 7,500 sf based on these quotes. How does this fits with the budgetoory requirements for Jain Center to be at the Garland City Site.

We will try to respond to your question as fully as possible.  The low bid from West was 1,472,395 which included cost of civil works and construction of the building.  The cost of two items were not broken down - but based on West's previous bid for the 12,300 sq. feet building, the cost of civil works is estimated at $570,000.  So the cost of 8,800 square feet building amounts to about $900,000 or $102 per square foot. The total fixed costs are as follows: (see the attached file for detailed analysis)
Civil Works -    -                                                          $570,000
Upgrading such tiles in some area, folding partitiion in Hall ---           $58,000
Other costs such as transformer, alarm system         ---       --          $75,000
                                  TOTAL $703,000. SAY $700,000
Estimated cost per square foot - $102.00 plus 15% contigency plus $40,000  performance bond
This results in a 7,330 Sq feet building, but as we all know if the size of the building is reduced, the cost per square foot goes up.
The 8,800 square feet building has the minimum space that we need NOW.  It has a Hall which can accommodate 400 people, but there is no separate dining room.
There are five class rooms of which 2 will be used as temporary Derasars until the new Derasars are built which can take 5 years or more depending upon the economic situation and members willingness to contribute.  So we will have 3 class rooms plus office and library which can be used as classrooms.  
There is no provision for future expansion of the facilities.  About 450 people attended the last Diwali function and the attendance is going to grow.  If we are realistic and have sufficient funds - we should plan for a Hall that can accommodate 600 people.  The main constraint we will face is the parking space.  Even if we can expand the Hall in future, we would need additional parking space for about 50 cars.  Our planners have not allowed for any additional parking space
Now coming to your question, can we live with a 7,300 square feet building?  Where do we make the cuts?  The only place would be, we think, to reduce the size of the Hall from 2465 square feet to 900 square feet that can accommodate about 140 - 150 people. 

How is temple going to be built, specailly for deravasi and degember? Is there going to be any conflict of time when Deravasi can't perform puja when degember are doing puja? Would like to know how temple goiing to look like from inside and murtis ( I would hope it is not going to be like current facility) Would like to know this in as much detail as possible.

The BAPS Facility has land available to build the three ritualistic facilities. Individual facility will give complete freedom to perform ritualistic rituals. We have not yet consulted architect for design of the temples. It is premature to spend money unless members vote "YES" for the facility

How much is it cost for upgrade and modifications?

For Common Facility we have estimated $100,000.00 dollars as per Inspection report reviewed by two of our technical committee members who are structural engineers. We have budgeted $150,000.00.

What is going to happen to 2500 sq ft facility?

If you mean the facility in Richardson, Plan is  to Sell the current facility after we move in to new facility. Use the proceedings received as the endowment fund for the new JSNT Center.

Has all details been agreed bet' all 3 cast regarding who is going to use which facility during paryushan etc? if so like to know details and what if they cam't agree on details after property has been bought? Can all detail matters go to all voters ( not only board members ) for vote?

The common facility is big enough to accomodate all the needs. Let us make decision to buy this facility first than we still have time to discuss more details.

Is it possible to build two seperate temples ( maybe one of existing 1000 sq ft facility can be use for one temple ) ? how much is it going to cost?

Plans are to build two seperate temples. Once members approve on 15th November 2009, We can start with plans first by each group.

Does sthankvasi want seperate room or area and if so why?

Society has agreed to have 3 separate ritualistic facilities.

Can you please provide when vote is going to take place (exact time and for how long, we have other classes to attend )? is there going to be any presentation or anything if so please provide details?

Voting, presentation and questions/answers related to BAPS facility is going to take place from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. We encourage members to listen into the presentation, but in parallel if you have to leave than there is voting going to take place simultaneously.

Is member going to have time to ask questions or speak during townhall ?

If we have new questions , than may be. Hopefully all the possible questions society has received and answered.

Can individual bring item on floor from to be voted on by everyone in townhall meeting?

In order to not to create "chaos" and conduct the meeting in a proper manner, if you will, an individual cannot bring item on floor to be voted on by everyone in townhall meeting.

Can we use side facility ONLY for swetamber and back facility ( with necessary upgrades to both ) for degember? How much cost is involved if this needs to happen? Is this is an option people can vote on?

First we need to decide on the BAPS facility. Once we all decide than the nitty gritty details will be worked out. The decision is not made regarding the side facility Only for Swetambar and Back Facility for Digambar. We do not know the cost yet, as this is premature. Therefore, this is not an option for people to vote on.

Provide exact ballot language (proposal verbiage) as approved by JSNT board for members’ voting for BAPS facility on Nov. 15, 2009 Town Hall meeting

As per the recommendation of the majority of members of Fund Raising, Temple Committee and the Board, I hereby authorize board to purchase the BAPS facility located on 11321 Webb Chapel Road in Dallas (YES) & (NO).

Provide annual estimated maintenance expense breakdown of BAPS, since the current re-worked numbers are significantly lower than the original estimates sent out to members via email dated 11/3/09.

The original numbers in the e-mail were higher because we had used for estimating purpose a number that is the norm for building maintenance, which we understand is $5 per square foot per year .  However, based on past two years' utility bills we got from BAPS and other information, we reworked the numbers as follows:
BAPS Annual cost of Utility and Elevator
Otis Elevator .Maintenance contract.    ...     ...     ... $3362.00
     Small Mandir average monthly $119 x 12 = 1428.00
     Main Hall  $1220 x12 = 14,640
     Grid (Three Light Poles) = 256 x 12 = 3072.00
Water  390 x 12  = 4680
Gas 154 x 12 =1848
                                        Total = 29,030
Reducing the cost of Electricity, water and gas  for Small Mandir and Main Building, by 33 percent as BAPS facilities are used monthly by over 3,300 people (they are provided one meal per week) compared to our usage by 200 people per month and keeping the cost of elevator maintenance and Electrical Grid constant - the total cost comes to $21,498. say 21,500.\
Annual cost

What is the basis in current re-worked annual maintenance expense numbers for New-build facility (proposed Garland construction) in proportion to BAPS? (Just to clarify further, WHY New-Build estimated maintenance Cost is ONLY $35K, when our current facility cost runs around $40K?)

We reduced the cost of maintenance for the Garland facility by $40,000 to $35,000 per annum since with the data available to us, we were able to reduce maintenance cost at BAPS by $40,000. We know the cost for Garland should not get reduced by $40,000, but we do not have past bills to make a better estimate for maintenance cost at Garland.
We have lots of expenses that are sponsored. Actual outflow would be around 26K.

Why cost of ownership number for BAPS only reflect opportunity cost, while lacking major non-recurring cost considering the age of the property?

Provision is made in the annual maintenace for non-recurring cost. The hot water heater was replaced in 2009. Out of 11 A/C's, two 12.5 ton units and one 3.5 tons were replaced in 2003, kitchen A/C was replaced in 2009. About seven small units (total capacity approx. 20 tons) may have to be replaced in a year or two and we are negotiating with BAPS for their replacement cost.
We have added maintainace cost of $12k per year for this reason.

Should the Cost of Ownership for BAPS not be higher by $100,000 at the onset of facility purchase, as JSNT will lose an opportunity to own additional $100,000 donation, if it proceeds with its planned purchase of BAPS? (Basically JSNT is leaving $100K on the table).

Cost of ownership is what we actually pay. The source of funding is not relevant.
For BAPS purchase we are currently within our budget. For new facility we will be short of $450K even after accepting $100K donation.
Board and committees were comparing, 8800 sq ft new building for $1.9m. without land cost vs 17000 pls Sq ft Building with 2.4 acres land and 250 pls car parking for $1.25 million pls improvements expense .
In short New facility will cost $215 per Sq Ft plus Land Cost of 3.1 acres 98 car parking
BAPS facility will cost $ 72 per sq Ft includes 2.4 acre land and parking of 250 plus cars plus 2 Additional buildings.

Should the Cost of Ownership for BAPS not be higher by another $75,000 + at the onset of facility purchase, as JSNT will lose most, if not all, engineering and architectural expenses it has spent on New-Build facility, if it proceeds with its planned purchase of BAPS?

You are right, we should add $75,000 to the cost of Garland Facility. Revised numbers are updated.

Why annual maintenance cost for BAPS and New-Build only accounts for 3% CPI increase when membership growth is projected at 4%?

On second thought, we should have used same factor for both. We want to be conservative, so we used 3%.

WHY voting is allowed in parallel to presentation and question/answers are going on during Nov. 15 town hall meeting, when revelations of any new/revised information could materially affect members’ votes due to time conflicts? In other words, would it not be beneficial for memberships at large to have ALL Q&A/Presentations are concluded prior to voting begins?

FAQ on website will give all members enough information to make decision. Still there is a provision if they are not familiar to listen to the presentation and make their decision on that day

Why ONLY 2 hours are allotted for BOTH discussion and voting, when a purported purchase involves a major acquisition ever undertaken by JSNT in its history, especially many material analysis requires discussion and follow up questions, as ideas/information springs up during the process? While it is understandable that a constraint by a major donor restricted board’s ability in sending out required 30-day written notice of town hall meeting, nonetheless, what is board’s hesitation in extending meeting hours if it benefits memberships at large? JSNT board need to make a note that Q&A posted on its website is difficult to comprehend, as changes and revisions are not clearly marked to distinguish by date of change and/or any other means. Furthermore, not all members have continued access to internet/computer, which further justifies to have uninterrupted and well-organized open sessions at town hall meetings.

FAQ on website will give all members enough information to make decision. Still there is a provision if they are not familiar to listen to the presentation and make their decision on that day. NO new resolution will be tabled in the meeting as the members need 30 days notice for any new resolution. The bottom line is that members can vote Yes or No for Baps facility.

Three years have passed since town hall meeting resolution was approved on Nov. 12, 2006, among many other items, for constructing 7,500 sq. ft. common facility, excluding Derasers and Upashrya (ritualistic facility). Why JSNT board did not accomplish this item?

After 12 Nov 2006, we were planning, selecting Architect, MEP Engineers, Structural engineers, audio video engineers, studying their plans giving more inputs, additions and deletion, and trying to raise funds. (Which we are still pursuing). Final drawing were done this year and than we were looking for contractors to get bids. This all took time. Eventually once we got the bid we fell short of funds & pledges. We came up with alternate which can achieve JSNT's goals.

Analysis on JSNT website shows that existing Jain center on Apollo drive is worth $200,000. Does board have basis to substantiate this number?

We had verbal offer, also assement value is $165,860 on tax roll for 2560 sqft.

WWhat due diligences were done for intangibles when BAPS offer of purchase was made?

BAPS offered the facilities at $1,250,000 for a total land area of 104,000 square feet and built-up area 21,644 square feet.
Our engineers inspected the facilities and found the main building to be in good shape.
We have compared the cost of land and the main building with what it would cost us to build the Garland facility and we have concluded that the cost of BAPS facility is reasonable.

JSNT board’s one of the Q&As describes general facility requirement at minimum of 8,800 sq. ft., where it plans to use 2 classrooms for ritualistic facility for 5 years. Is it consistent with Nov 12, 2006 Town Hall meeting resolution, which specifically directs each sect to build its own ritualistic facility at its own cost?

JSNT wanted to build common facility first. To bring all members, the use of new facility and to sell current facility to raise funds for endowment we had planned to allow temporary place until each sect can build their own facility