BAPS Facility Information


11321 Webbs Chapel Road

Dallas, TX

The site is bounded by Northaven Road in North, Webbs Chapel Road in East and Talisman Drive in South. Webbs Chapel Road has six lanes, Northaven Road has four lanes and Talisman Drive has two lanes.

PURCHASE PRICE: BAPS has quoted sell price of $1,250,000

ADD for Improvements, Repairs, closing

cost, inspection, furniture, equipment

and contingency (Est. cost, prior to inspection) 150,000


(Possession July 1, 2010) TOTAL COST $1,400,000


The property consists of three lots (ALL DIMENSIONS TO BE VERIFIED):

1. Lot No. 1 is 64,573 Square Feet (SF), located at south-west corner of Webbs Chapel and Northaven. It has following facilities:

A. Two Story Brick Building 17,414 square feet, built in 1995

B. One story Sabha Hall (original Mandir) – 2,937 SF (1964)

C. Parking for about 150 cars - most of the area has concrete pavement except for the area around the Sabha Hall which has asphalt pavement (22.000 SF).

2. Lot No. 2 is located at 3132 Northaven Drive adjacent to Lot No. 1, Area approx 10,000 SF (to be verified). It has 100 feet frontage and following facilities:

A. One story Guest House (Sant Nivas) – 1293 SF (1961)

B. Court yard about 100 feet x 50 feet, with a metal storage shed

3. Lot No. 3, at North-West corner of Webbs Chapel and Northaven Road. Area 29,359 SF, Parking for 125 cars


I. TWO STORY BRICK BUILDING: Gross area – 17,414 SF

A. FIRST FLOOR consists of the following facilities: (Dimensions to be verified from construction drawings). Ceiling 9 feet high.

Dining Room –approx 36 feet x 70 feet (2520 SF) 200 people on tables and chairs. 8 classrooms each 16 feet x 16 feet (250 SF), with one window, One kitchen, approx. 70 feet x 33 feet, restrooms, shoe rooms, stores, entrance lobby, mechanical and electrical room, pantry.

One elevator and two staircases lead to the second floor.

B. SECOND FLOOR consists of the following facilities:

a. Main Hall is about 68 feet by 68 feet, or 4624 square feet. Ceiling -15 feet high in the center and 13 feet high on two sides. At one end, three stages 18 inches high, each 20 feet wide by 10 feet deep. Two side stages have projection screens. Behind the stage, a three-bedroom apartment with 2 full baths, kitchen etc and an external metal staircase (independent entrance), two changing rooms, etc. Total area- 2600 SF

A/V room wired, 3 Storage rooms including one in attic, two offices and

play room for children.

II. SABHA HALL, 2937 square feet built in 1964

Original Mandir. One Hall about 1,300 square feet, another hall 350 square feet, three rest rooms, three examination rooms, carpet flooring, The building was used as a church when BAPS bought the land in 1988.

III. GUEST HOUSE – SANT NIVAS: 1293 square feet, built in 1961

House with two living rooms, kitchen, store, two full bathrooms, 3 bedrooms. Carpet flooring, Central A/C and window units, fans.

MAJOR EQUIPMENT - Kitchen A/C unit replaced in 2009

Main A/C units were replaced in 2003

Water Heater was replaced in 2009

Main Hall roof repaired in summer of 2009