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The primary mission of JSNT is to facilitate and promote the religious practices of Jain Religion, a very ancient religion of India based on the principles of non-violence and peaceful coexistence of all living beings.  To that end the Society is dedicated to mobilizing the Jain Community in the North Texas to actively pursue opportunities for working with multi-faith groups in promoting peace and harmony throughout this region.  An important part of the overall mission is to allow the youths of the Society to discover their own identity with a very purposeful life of spirituality and universal understanding through accommodation of diverse views and helping their fellow beings.

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Brief History 

 In October 1982  few members including Hansa Varia, Daksha Manojbhai Shah had an idea to bring all Jain's in DFW area together. Daksha Manojbhai Shah they decided to have Swamivasalya at Manojbhai & Daksha's home in Garland Texas and invited 30 families for lunch. That was the first ever Jains meeting together.  All the present foresee the need for a temple and form their own community.  The group responded enthusiastically and thus came into existence of the Jain Society of North Texas. In the beginning we do not have any facilities to host the meeting, so we were meeting in the recreation center in Richardson.  At the same time group decided to start pathsala for  younger kids at house of Jadavjibhai and Naliniben Shah.  The key member of the society at that time was Dr. Anant Jain, Dr Jay Shah and Manojbhai Shah. They helped to to form constitution of the society and get non profit status of the society.  

Over the time when membership increased we were looking for the permanent place of worship and thus we bought the facility in Richardson in 1988.  We started the society as Jain first and to carry on that message we installed our Pratistha  on one bedi Representing all three sect in equal  representation.  At that time Pujya Chitrabhanuji came and mentioned that it is the first ever bedi in history of North America representing unity of Jain.

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