Das-Laxan Parva

Das-Laxan Schedule 2018

Das-Laxan Parva

Das-Laxan is the great festival of ten virtues celebrated by Jains worldwide. This festival can be described as eternal, as it is not related to any person or event but rather to spiritual thoughts. The ten virtues are as follows:

1. Uttam Kshama - Supreme Forbearance

2. Uttam Mardav - Supreme Modesty

3. Uttam Arjav - Supreme Straight-forwardness

4. Uttam Shauch - Supreme Purity

5. Uttam Satya - Supreme Truth

6. Uttam Saiyam - Supreme Self-restraint

7. Uttam Tap - Supreme Austerity

8. Uttam Tyag - Supreme Renunciation

9. Uttam Akinchanya - Supreme Non-attachment

10. Uttam Brahmacharya - Supreme Celibacy

The festival of Das-Laxan is a time to try to understand these virtues. The virtues should be observed by all souls according to their spiritual status. These ten virtues, in their purest modification, can only be truly understood and manifested in an enlightened soul, or one that posesses right belief (Samyak Darshan) and right knowlege (Samyak Gyan). However, we, as laypeople, should take this time to learn, understand and apply these virtues to the best of our ability to our daily lives.

The last day of Das-Laxan is known as Kshamavani, or day of forgiveness. This is a day where Jains offer their forgiveness to other living beings for any thoughts, speech and actions that may have knowingly or unknowingly caused any harm. The true meaning behind the festival is not to have superficial forgiveness in speech, but to have that true Kshama Bhav, or deep sense of apology. The apology should come from within and not become a social formality. The phrase Micchami Dukadam encompasses this meaning.