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Jain Activities

Committee Lead: Ranjit Dhelaria (Lead):; Hitesh Jain(Sub Lead):
Board Member: Sonia Ghelani 

Responsible for all Jain Activities:
  • After Pathshala snacks and cooking - Shreyansbhai Jain (Lead), Sapna Narendra (Sub-Lead)
  • Hindi/Gujarati Language Classes after Pathshala - Amit Jain
  • Story Telling for Kids below 5 Years - Nandanbhai Mehta
  • Picnic  -Virendra Shah
  • International Student Support - Arunbhai Shah, Jatin Shah
Upcoming Projects:
  • Continue weekly snacks for Pathshala students
  • Support Pathshala activities
  • Support YJA/YJP/University student activities
  • JSNT got Talent show and more…
  • Jain Swadhyay - TBD