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Derasar (Temple)

Our Derasar is located at the 11321 Webb Chapel Rd. Dallas, TX 75229 ( click here for direction) and is a self-contained Chaityalya now adopted and promoted as a model by JAINA. Our facility contains a library, prayer, meeting hall, a kitchen and a pathshala room. (more info)

This facility is open every Saturday and Sunday around noon or can be accessed by lockbox key or by contacting any JSNT Board Member. If you open the door using the lock box key, please make sure that all doors are locked when you leave the premise and be sure to put keys back in the lock box.

Regular Jain Center Activity Are:

  • A Digambar Puja (11:00 am) every first Sunday
  • A Samayik (11:50 am) every second Sunday
  • A general meeting (11:00 am) every third Sunday
  • A Snatra puja (11:00 am) every fourth Sunday.

The Swadhaya and Dignitary lectures are generally planned in summer/ fall times of the year.

Stavan in Hindi and Gujarati