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Food Guidelines

Guidelines for preparing food for JSNT


1]        General [applicable all the time]



  • Underground veg. / “Anantkay” like….. Garlic, Onion, Potatoes, Ginger, Carrot, Egg plant/Baingan, Khas-khas, Palak bhaji
  • All the items have to be cooked on the same day [not the day before] EXCEPT – some sweets like Mohanthal, Gulabjamun, bundi na ladoo, churma ladoo etc.; some of the dry farsan like Fulwadi, Khasta kachori, Sev, etc.
    • Do not soak “Kathol” on a night before
    • Do not make “Khiroo” [for Idli, Dhosa, Dhokala, Khaman] on a day before
  •  “Dwidal” = any grain [or flour of that grain] which can be split in to two CAN NOT be mixed in raw yogurt or milk, yogurt has to be nicely warmed before mixing it. Some examples of typical “Dwidal”
    • While making “Kadhi” mixing besan in chhas without warming it.
    • Preparing “Dahi Bundi” [or Rayatoo] with out warming Dahi
    • Preparing beson for Khaman…..same thing
    • Dahi wada --- Putting wada in dahi with out warming dahi
    • Some of the Split beans are….. all “kathol” & it’s flour, all “Dal” & it’s flour, Methi – dana & bhaji.
  • Avoid Cauliflower


2]         On “Tithi” days [Sud 5, Sud & Vad 8, 14]


  • All listed in [1] are applicable, plus
  • No green vegetables like Bhindi, Tindola, Peas, green beans, cucumber, cabbage, Cilantro / Kothmir, limdo etc.
  • Suggested “Shak” for Tithi
    • Kela
    • Gatta
    • Sev-Tomatoes
    • Kathol –any
    • Papad/vadi/sarevada nu shak


3]         During “Paryusana”


  • All Listred in [1] & [2] are applicable, plus
    • No Tomatoes
    • Avoid Kela nu shak, if possible
    • No green chillies