Welcome to Jain Society of North Texas (JSNT) 
Visiting Hours: Sunday, 10 am to 1 pm. Call Executive committee members for visiting JSNT outside of visiting hours.

Upcoming Events:

SiddhaChakra Pujan Registraion and Preset bolis Open
We have an unique opportunity to perform the “SiddhaChakra Maha pujan" on Sunday, Aug 6th. 

Here is direct link to registration and preset bolis for SiddhaChakra Pujan. In addition, we have created site to view the current boli allocation: 

We request all members planning to attend SiddhChakra pujan to register. In addition, please complete sections based on your preference of participating in the pujas. 
Section 1: Basic Information (Mandatory for all attending, one per family). RSVP for dinner is included in this section.
Section 2: Participate in Siddhachakra Pujan with your own Yantra, so we can plan for space accordingly. Every family can participate in the puja with their own yantra. There is no nakaro for participating in this puja. 
Section 3: Preset bolis of Yantra and Mandlu puja on the main Siddhachakra Yantra. Members planning to participate in Yantra or Mandlu puja, please wear Puja clothes. 

There are 21 different pujas during this pujan. In order for families to participate, we have setup preset bolis for each of the 21 pujas. During each puja, 1 family will be sitting at  the SiddhaChakra yantra  and one family will be at the Mandlu to offer fruit and Naivedhya.  

For more information, please contact Chintan Shah (chintanhshah@gmail.com or 972-795-4073) or Neerav Dalal (ndalal3@gmail.com or 469-261-7088). 

Dignitary: Shrenikbhai's visit to JSNT on Aug 4: 

We are fortunate to have Shrenikbhai's pravachan on GyanSaar. Please take advantage of this great opportunity of learning Jain Adhyatma.

About GyanSaar:

Gyansaar is renowned Jain spiritual granth, written by Mahopadhyay Yashovijayji approximately 300 years ago. This granth is divided into 32 ashtak, written in Samskrit. Vivechan of this granth is written in Gujarati by Acharya Vijay Bhadragupta Suriji. This book can be downloaded from Jaina library at: http://jainlibrary.org/index.php


Upcoming Events Summary

Day & Date




Friday, Aug 4

8 PM

Varniji Bhavan

Pravachan on: Gyan Saar (()

Saturday, Aug 5

2 PM

Varniji Bhavan

Pravachan on: Gyan Saar (()

Sunday, Aug 6

12:39 pm

Varniji Bhavan

Siddhachakra Mahapujan & dinner

Mon-Thu, Aug 7 - 10

8 PM


Pravachan on: Gyan Saar (()


( Audio Conference bridge:

All members are requested to attend the lectures in-person. For those members, who cannot attend the lectures, we have the following audio conference bridge:

Audio Dial Tel #: 641-715-3655, Access Code: 974577#

Siddhachakra Maha Pujan on Aug 6th

We are very happy and excited to announce “Siddhachakra” poojan on Sunday, Aug 6th, 2017 from 12:39 PM to 5:00 PM. All members are encouraged to participate in the Poojan. 

The pujan will be conducted by Shrenikbhai Gala (Dignitary visiting us from India)

Please encourage kids to attend this poojan as well, as vidhi will be briefly explained in English with PowerPoint presentation.

Past Events:

JSNT Annual Picnic
On Sunday April 16 we had a very successful picnic at Cimarron park in Irving after pathshala classes. More than 500 people attended the picnic. We had very tasty food prepared and served by passionate and dedicated volunteers. Everybody pitched in and made it a fun-filled afternoon. It was great to see so many of our members of all ages participating in all different games and impromptu singing. We want to thank all volunteers who helped cook, serve, transport, load-unload, and clean-up the park area after picnic. Great effort everyone. All present had a great time.  

Garland Paduka:
We have prayers of Paduka at the Garland facility. Here are some pics:



JSNT board for 2017:

Let's welcome the JSNT board for 2017. 

Following are Officers & Board of Directors for 2017.
  • Virang Shah - President
  • Naresh Kothari - Vice President
  • Sonia Ghelani - Secretary
  • Prakash Ranka - Treasurer
  • Atul Khara - Joint Treasurer 
Board of Directors: 
  • Jinen Adenwala 
  • Neerav Dalal
  • Prakash Dhoka
  • Anant Jain
  • Shreyans Jain
  • Kekin Ghelani 
  • Anup Pahade
  • Dilip Shah
  • Pradeep Vaidya 
  • Rajesh Vinayaka

Diwali Celebrations Videos:

We had an excellent Diwali celebrations on Sunday, Oct 30th, 2016. Please see videos of all performances at: http://tinyurl.com/JSNT2016Diwali

The celebrations included:
-      Pathshala student presentations (100+ students)
-      Anumodana of Tapasvis and
-      Delicious lunch prepared by our enthusiastic volunteers.

Volunteer Committee for 2017

2017 Calendar


Useful Links:


July Flyer (NEW)


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Prayers at Garland Facility

Board Members for 2016  



Neerav Dalal – President 
Virang Shah – Vice President
Naresh Kothari – Secretary
Atul Khara – Treasurer
Jinen Adenwala – Joint Treasurer

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